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Alden, Green Associates is a Financial Consulting company offering a wide variety of business services to companies of all sizes across Canada and the United States. We have been serving business and industry for almost 20 years and are based in Oakville, Ontario. Our company is made up of a number of consultants who are seasoned experts in their respective fields and our intention is to provide a wide range of business services to assist our clients with their day to day business issues.

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Business Plans

If you are planning a trip to the bank to raise capital, you need to understand the requirements. Not giving proper consideration to this important step can result in time wasting and credit damaging results. Banks have certain information requirements and it can sometimes be just as important to know what to leave out of a plan as what to include in it.

Our seasoned and experienced ex-bankers know the format requirement and can put together an excellent and results producing Business Plan that will help you get your loan or line approved. Call us for further information.

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Feasibility Studies

If you are embarking on a project and are uncertain of its viability, we can do a Feasibility Study for you that will uncover both the weak areas and the strengths in order to assist you in assessing its possibilities. Our studies will cover marketing, spread sheets with projections on revenues, and expenses complete with illustrating graphs. The Study will also deal with competition, management positions and many other crucial factors.

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Investor Proposals

If you are planning to raise private equity or venture capital, you will need a well thought out Investor Proposal. This document must have a well laid out Executive Summary and have the back up information required to convince an investor your business is the one they want to invest in. This is a critical document and should be done by professionals. Call us for a free consultation and quotes. We cannot over stress the importance of getting off on the right foot in this process. We are heavy weights in this sector with 40 plus years experience.

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Dynamic One of a Kind Internet Marketing!

The kind that really gets results!! Would you like to double your company’s sales and leave your competition in the dust?

Alden, Green Associates, in conjunction with Yvon Morissette has a unique proven marketing program based on Web sales which can give you that gigantic boast in revenues and is much less expensive than all other conventional methods. To our knowledge, nobody else worldwide has this system today. Call us for more details! 10 minute presentation explains the system. Call us at 416-410-8603 or email us at aldengreen@aol.com.

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Operational Business Plans

An Operations Plan differs from one designed for financing. Operational Plans are designed to set out you short and long term goals and to make it possible for you to follow your own plan. We will help you identify and establish these goals and show you in the plan what steps need to be taken in order to achieve your goals. This is an extremely valuable tool for running your business. Ask us for more details.

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Policy and Procedural Manuals

Organizing your company's policies and procedures is our specialty. We can assist you in building a solid Policy and Procedure Manual for your company that sets out your policies and procedures for all aspects of your business. Meeting expectations can only be accomplished by having very clear communications for both employees and management. Ask us for a no cost consultation for your special needs.

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Proposal Writing

If you plan to respond to a Request for Proposal, then you need an effective bid to win that new account or renew a contract with an existing customer. Responding to an RFP can be a tedious, time-consuming and difficult process. Our staff will assist you in organizing material or simply take over the complete job for you, producing professional proposals on time and on message. We can help you prepare a proposal that captures the attention of a prospective client and sets you up for winning the account. Call us for details on this valuable service.

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Accounting Services

Our Registered CMA 's and CGA's can handle all your accounting requirements from simple monthly bookkeeping right through to year end Financial Statement filings. Let us assist you in cleaning up your in house record keeping, tax arrears problems and organizing your accounting to take advantage of legitimate tax deductions. Call us for discussions today.

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Business Coaching

Clarify your company's short and long term goals working with one of our Business Coaches. They’re there to assist you every step of the way in taking your company (and you) where you wish to go. Our seasoned and experienced coaches are trained to help you with any part of your business. Ask us for details.

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Business Writing

Whatever your needs for business communication, we can help you! Whether it is writing a company newsletter, blogging, public relations or simple brochure writing, our experienced writers can solve your problem. Call us for information on your special needs.

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